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Design for THUD POW!

I built a site for THUD POW! Name consultant. Super fun build, included logo design, art and layout for mobile and desktop. The full site is live here THUD POW!

It also allowed me to dig into my more abstract works. No Wave is 9x5" | Sumi and a lil photoshop on paper

Bypass is 9x5" | Sumi and a lil photoshop on paper

Naming your next thing, whatever it is, is one of the most important things you can do. It will be the first thing people will encounter when discovering your brand. When choosing a name for you, there is a lot to consider. I am happy to help at THUD POW!

  • Can you shout it in a crowded bar and be heard?

  • Will it look good on a t-shirt?

  • Does it speak to the unique personality of you and your project?

  • Will it be memorable?

  • Is anyone else using it?

  • Is this thing on?


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