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B8ta murals

This public works project includes 6 murals for B8ta, in San Francisco, California. Ranging from 8 to 20 feet, I learned a lot about painting at a large scale. All the spirit animals are hand painted in acrylic on wood. Spending a month out there from start to finish, the other benefit was getting to know my neighbors. Now I am looking to build other bridges to walls. If you know any spots in your neighborhood, drop me a line, I have all the stuff.

Forest for the Trees | 20FT x 9FT on Laguna & Hayes

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot is 17FT x 8FT on Laguna and Hayes St.

Owl be with you shortly is 8FT x 8FT on Laguna and Hayes St.

BAM BOO is 15FT x 10FT on Laguna and Hayes in San Francisco

Resting Bear Face is 8FT x 15FT on Hayes and Laguna

Below is a video tour of the building on Laguna and Hayes St in San Francisco. (Best with sound on)


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